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Tennessee Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association


We want to let every one know of some changes for 2014. We have signed a new contract at Clearview in Shelbyville and there is an increase in stall charges. As many of you remember there was an issue at our November shoot concerning stall bedding or lack of stall bedding.  Stalls must be bedded with a minimum of 3 bags of shavings, no exceptions. Our club was given 3 options to remedy this situation.

1. Stall prices stay the same and we bring our own bedding. With this option someone from the club must ensure all stalls have 3 bags of shavings.  A bag of shavings on average is 5.00.

2. Stall prices stay the same and we purchase bedding from Clearview. With this option again, someone from the club must be in charge of stalls and collect money for bedding and ensure all stalls are bedded properly. Clearview shavings are 8.00 per bag and they only require 2 bags since theirs are so large. 

3. Stall prices increase 10.00 and Clearview will pre-bed the stall with the required amount of shavings. No one from the club will have to monitor the situation or be in charge of shavings. 

Here is how the math breaks down for all options:

1. 40.00 stall  15.00 shavings = $55.00 Plus a club member to supervise.

2.  40.00 stall 16.00 shavings = $56.00 Plus a club member to supervise.

3. 50.00 stall including shavings. No club member to supervise.

We believe option 3 will be our best option. No one will have to pack shavings and no club member will be tied down with an additional job.  If anyone has any questions please call Derrick at 931-607-1204. He will be happy to hear your concerns and speak with you about this. 



We would like to thank everyone that came out to the Banquet shoot! We had a great time and the food was delicious!!! Congrats to our Year End Award winners!

Mens 1's    Ricky Simpson

Ladies 1's  Kimberly Brown

SM 1's         Tony Rush

SL 1's          Michelle Busby

Mens 2's     Bryan Patterson

Ladies 2's   Heather Vick

SM 2's          Mr. Ivey

Mens 3's       Taylor Brown

Ladies 3's    Marcia Foster

SM 3's           Thomas Henning

SL 3's           Cherie Acker

Mens 4's       Casey Hollis

Ladies 4's     Amber Gentry  

SM 4's            Terry Boyd

SL 4's             Nan Kimbro

Mens 5's        Darren Lipham

Ladies 5's     Dianne Lipham

SM 5's            Ken Jenkins

Mens 6's        Rock Clark

Ladies 6's     Amanda Porter

 Mens Overall High Point        Rock Clark    

Reserve    Casey Hollis

Ladies Overall High Point     Dianne Lipham  

Reserve     Amanda Porter

Top Hand Award    Cherie Acker

2013 Hall of Fame Rick Smith




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***2014 Schedule***    

 November 30th and December 1st 

Clearview Arena  Shelbyville TN. See information above for details.


 Sweet Heart Shoot Out February 15th-16th

Clearview Arena in Shelbyville TN.




Information for the Tunica Match will be posted shortly

The Spring Fling May 17th -18th

Clearview Arena,   Shelbyville TN


 June Bug Boogie   June 21st-22nd

Clearview Arena, Shelbyville TN. 


Information for the September match will be posted shortly







If you have any stories or good news you would like to share on the website send it to us at 







5570 Stephenson Rd.
Hillsboro, TN 37342

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